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Hybrid Powder Coating

Hybrid Powder Coating Manufacturers & Suppliers

Epoxy-polyester powders are universally applicable coatings utilized most broadly in the powder coating industry because of their adaptability. The mixture is a special formulation of epoxy and polyester resin to create a resin that encapsulates the desired qualities of both base resins. We call this blend of epoxy and polyester resin Hybrid powder coating. 

The coating creates a hard film on the substrate with excellent protection from mechanical damage, heat, UV light and weather corrosion. This science of powder coatings finds its market fragments in a wide reach since they can be planned according to the necessities of brightness, finish, and reactivity. There are a broad range of uses where a limited amount of exposure to sunlight is experienced like electrical machines, metal office furniture, racks, radiators, shower boxes, and those articles that require a brilliant enhancing and defensive impact. Hybrid powder coatings have great protection from the yellowing of the surface film and have an extremely restricted orange peel.


This chemistry of powders finds its extensive application for an entire range of indoor applications as they have excellent protective and decorative effects. Utilizing a topcoat is recommended with transparent powders on top of metallic powders. The topcoat forestalls oxidation of the metallic shades of the base coat, in this way upgrading the life of the coating. 

Used in: Fire extinguishers, partitioning furniture, fans, refrigerator, washing machines, geysers, cooking ranges, sewing machines, mixers, air coolers, air conditioners, water coolers, computers & accessories, photo-copying machines, cameras, lawn mowers, agricultural equipment, office equipment, metal furniture, households, industrial luminaries shelves, shelves, display baskets, cages, ornamental grills etc.

Curing Temperature:

Hybrid powder coatings are generally cured at around 350-370 °F.

Handling and Storage:

We always recommend storing in a cool and dry place at a temperature which is lower than 86°F. Higher temperatures could damage the mechanical and chemical properties of the powder. 

Here at Kroma Coatings Technology LLC, our Hybrid powder coatings are specially formulated to withstand any task and can be used with a wide range of finishes. Request your sample today. For more details email us at or call us on +1 (614) 647-7345.

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