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Antimicrobial Powder Coating

Antimicrobial powder coatings are impressive coatings that contain an active ingredient (silver ions) that makes them effective against bacterial growth. Silver is a naturally occurring element. The silver ions which are used in this type of coatings are environment friendly.

The addition of naturally occurring silver ions help hinder the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold. These types of coatings are used to eliminate microbes that cause order, sickness, and other germs that can be toxic to humans and animals. Kroma Coatings Technology LLC antimicrobial powder coatings undergo stern premium testing which enables us to accomplish best results for our customers.


Because of the special properties of antimicrobial powder coatings, they are exclusively used in hospitals, outpatient facilities, laboratories, schools, public transit areas and many more places where germs and mildew can grow.

Used in: Healthcare industry, walls, flooring, kitchen surfaces, commercial refrigerators, light switches, metal surface coatings, gym equipment,etc.

Curing Temperature:

Antimicrobial powder coatings are generally cured at around 350-370 °F.

Handling and Storage:

We always recommend storing in a cool and dry place at a temperature which is lower than 86°F. Higher temperatures could damage the mechanical and chemical properties of the powder.

Here at Kroma Coatings Technology LLC, our Antimicrobial powder coatings are supreme when it comes to hindering the growth of molds and other bacteria. Request your sample today. For more details email us at or call us on +1 (614) 647-7345.

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