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Epoxy Powder Coating

Best Quality Epoxy Powder Coating Manufacturers

Epoxy powder coatings is a thermoset polymer coating which has unyielding toughness and provides a protective coating with high chemical resistance, tight adhesion, and excellent resistance to fuels and lube oils. 

Epoxy powder coatings are magnificent as a protective layer. Epoxy is an extreme and multi-purpose material consisting of the cross-connecting of an epoxy resin and hardener or co-reactant. They have excellent coating properties and are available in a wide range of brilliances, colors, and finishes.


Epoxy powder coatings are widely used where maximum corrosion and chemical resistance is required. These are ideal for indoor applications and away from direct sunlight. The coating is smooth without any orange peel. Utilizing a topcoat is recommended with transparent powders on top of metallic powders. The topcoat forestalls oxidation of the metallic shades of the base coat, in this way upgrading the life of the coating. 

Used in: Automotive components, metal cabinets, tool boxes, bathroom fittings, power tools, wire goods, electrical enclosures, hospital equipment, office furniture, oil filters, shelving, Safety equipments, coatings for pipes, ceiling panels, hardware fixtures, fire extinguishers, sports and recreation equipment, hand and power tools, brass plumbing and hardware fixtures, tool boxes, fire extinguishers, safety equipment, appliances etc.

Curing Temperature:

Epoxy powder coatings are generally cured at around 350-370 °F.

Handling and Storage:

We always recommend storing in a cool and dry place at a temperature which is lower than 86°F. Higher temperatures could damage the mechanical and chemical properties of the powder. 

Here at Kroma Coatings Technology LLC, our Epoxy powder coatings are best in class in terms of chemical and weather corrosion. Request your sample today. For more details email us at or call us on +1 (614) 647-7345.

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