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Elevating Coating Standards

Why Kroma Coatings

Kroma Coatings Technology is among one of the largest, high-quality powder coating manufacturers in Ohio and serves all over The United States. 


Kroma Coatings specializes in manufacturing all forms of powder coatings including: Polyester TGIC and TGIC-free, Polyester Super Durable, Epoxy coats, Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid powder coating and many more. We will produce a coating that fits your specialized needs. 


A wide range of powder coating powder, powder coating paint (Glossy, Satin and Matte products) are available in many finishes such as  Smooth, Textured, Leatherette, Hammerstone, Antique, Clear, Structures and Metallics. Our technical team can introduce cost-effective and reliable customer-oriented products in minimum lead time.


Kroma Coatings Technology LLC powders are suitable for application by electrostatic spray gun, fluidized bed and electrostatic fluidized bed. To request a quote, get in touch now!

Our Expertise

Whether it's for large-scale industrial projects or intricate design endeavors, our clients can trust the consistency and quality of our colors. This commitment to quality extends beyond just the color selection; it's embedded in our manufacturing processes and quality control measures. We use advanced technology to mix and apply these colors, ensuring a long-lasting, durable finish that retains its vibrancy over time.

Pantone Colors

We Focus On The Areas That Help Your Business Grow.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Kroma Coatings Technology LLC has always strived to provide quality industry-specific formulas.

We Take Pride In Our Quality

All of our products are expertly formulated for quality, safety & regulatory compliance. Our food-grade products are also FDA certified.

We Focus On Product Safety

We are your formulation partner. Which is why we believe in working directly with our customers to find or develop quality solutions.

We Are Customer Centric

Our Products

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