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High Heat/FDA complaint Powder Coatings

High heat resistance powder coatings are a must have in high heat, high stress work areas. Under these circumstances, the coating needs to retain its gloss, color, and adhesion without cracking or compromising the integrity of the base surface. Our high heat resistant powder coating is silicone based and is guaranteed to prevent any loss in gloss and color when faced with extremely high temperatures.


Silicone-based high heat resistance powder coatings are excellent for most aluminum and steel base metals. They can be used in anything from consumer, commercial or industrial grade equipment and are oftentimes used to add an additional layer of protection.

Used in: Grills, screens, engine parts, ovens, fire screens, heaters, burners, near heating elements.

Curing Temperature:

High heat powder coatings are generally cured at around 350-370 °F.

Handling and Storage:

We always recommend storing in a cool and dry place at a temperature which is lower than 86°F. Higher temperatures could damage the mechanical and chemical properties of the powder.

Here at Kroma Coatings Technology LLC, our High Heat resistant powder coatings are in a class of their own when protecting your equipment from unbearable conditions. Request your sample today. For more details email us at or call us on +1 (614) 647-7345.

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